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We have found that we can discuss ‘it’ in public without anyone being aware we are a support group for genital herpes.People don’t take any notice when we talk about ‘h’ and spell out ‘s’ ‘e’ ‘x’.She will put a Toblerone bar on the table, so you can find them.” And you can ask Mark how he mentioned ‘it’ to his wife when they first got together…As one lady said after such an event “I could not have imagined how helpful it was to meet nice people who really understood!We ask members what they would say to a person thinking about coming along.Medical Express Clinic is a leading private sexual health clinic (GUM Clinic) in Harley Street.As a part of our sexual health services, we also provide helpful advice on emergency contraception, physical relationships, and safe sexual intercourse.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne – Join Gail and Mark on Saturday 29th, June, for a chat about herpes (or “it” as we say in public) at: Tea Sutra, 1st Floor, 2 Leazes Park Road, NE1 4PF – from 3 – 5.30 pm, and we might go on to eat somewhere afterwards.

At one of these, the six people who came liked talking to each other so much, they agreed to come again next month – and five of them did!

The Atrium Lounge in the President Hotel, Guilford Street, London, WC1B 5BA – Russell Square tube station.

All of you are welcome to come and meet Marian – from 6.30 pm. She stays at this event until 8.00 pm and if no one has arrived, she’ll leave. BUT if you have arrived before 8.00, we can go on chatting till all hours.

Anyone can come to this meeting at the President’s Atrium Bar/Lounge – see venue details below.

We understand that a Genito-Urinary Medical (GUM) examination can be uncomfortable.