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23-Sep-2019 16:57

Skype and Line have also been offering similar services to their customers since 2014.

The We Chat app is available for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

that We Chat and Weixin, the Chinese version of the messaging service, had more than 650 million MAUs, which highlights the customer base of the company.

Structurally, the area is an upfold, running northeast-southwest, that was formed about 150 million years ago toward the latter part of the Jurassic Period.Sham Chun (Shenzhen) River, which forms the boundary between Guangdong and Hong Kong, flows into Deep Bay after collecting a number of small tributaries.Most of the streams are small, and they generally run perpendicular to the northeast-southwest trend of the terrain.The surrounding hills on the mainland and on Hong Kong Island are partly capped by volcanic rocks, and steep, scarplike concave slopes lead to the inner harbour.

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The area is a partially submerged, dissected upland terrain that rises abruptly to heights above 2,950 feet (900 metres); its backbone is made up of a series of ridges, running northeast to southwest, that tie in closely with the structural trend in South China.It consists of The area of Hong Kong (Pinyin: Xianggang; Wade-Giles: Hsiang-kang) has expanded over the years, and it has continued to grow as more land has been reclaimed from the surrounding sea.

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