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Keep that in mind when you select which system you want to go with.

Cable Recommendation: It’s not a cable, but a couple short High Speed HDMI cables and a nice wireless HDMI solution will do wonders for getting that isolated television to communicate with your DISH Network box.

Once you realize that, you’re well on your way to getting what you really need. Otherwise, grab anything you like so long as it’s well-made and hasn’t been run over by a tractor trailer. If you want Ethernet capability then be sure to get a cable that is labeled “with Ethernet”.

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At the very least it means you shouldn’t pay more for that feature.Silicon Image has a chipset that supports it (the Si I9387A Port Processor), so at this point it seems to be an issue with implementation and similar issues. Trick Question If you’re at a distance I call “the intermediate” stage, then you need, for certain, a High Speed HDMI Cable.You can also opt for a High Speed Ethernet Cable with Ethernet, but the bottom line is that a High Speed cable is the only thing that will handle 1080p (or greater) transmission with all the trimmings HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 bring to the table.Which HDMI cable you use for runs over 60 feet really comes down to what kind of balun system you want to use to transmit the data over those longer distances.

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Baluns are devices which convert a signal from one form to another in order to transmit those signals over larger distances than would be possible with the traditional cable.Announced in 2011, it doesn’t look like it’s coming anytime soon, nor does it appear to be in the works for any manufacturer we’ve talked to.