How far is too far in a dating relationship ivory dating

21-Mar-2020 19:53

I never want to have to go through that again To me it depends on how much money and time you have.

Because no matter how much you love one another not being able to see each other on a regular basis will drive you apart.

I wouldn't consider anything over 90 minutes apart, but I know people who've made relationships work while being several hours away from each other.

I know one couple who eventually got married despite one being in Illinois and the other in Massachusetts (they met online as well).

But my one family friend just got married to a girl who lived in CA while we lived in PA.

They did not get to see each other often but after three years he was able to move out there and they are so happy.

That being said it is hard and you shouldn’t be ashamed if you can’t handle it.

So being able to travel to see each other is a real need.