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26-Jun-2020 12:06

i status ignored does not require updating-11

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APIs should not feel compelled to indicate resources that have been deleted with this status code.

The request was directed at a server that is not able to produce a response.

This can be sent by a server that is not configured to produce responses for the combination of scheme and authority that are included in the request URI.

The origin server requires the request to be conditional.

You can also set working hours for automerging in your dashboard account settings.

Specify how Dependabot should update your package manifest (e.g.

Automerged updates must be enabled at the account level (from account settings in your dashboard) before they can be configured on a project.

Specify which update pull requests should be merged automatically. For all of the options below Dependabot will wait until all your status checks pass before merging.

i status ignored does not require updating-19

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