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Exceptional cases aside, there are probably quite a few occasions where it might be nice to let users to know that a new app version is available — for example, if a new app feature is available in the latest release which has been widely publicized or a fix has been released for that non-critical but annoying issue the user has been experiencing.

Apple are highly successful in creating a pull factor which encourages users to update to the latest version of i OS.

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If the team drop supports for the older version of i OS then the app update will no longer be automatically offered to users on that version of the operating system by the App Store until they update.For developers this means we rarely need to very old versions of the operating system.As far as getting users to update to the latest version of our app is concerned, having a recent version of i OS the majority of devices is obviously a great help - particularly if our app only supports the two most recently released versions of i OS.Updates is a framework designed to help developers with this task by automatically detecting where a new version of an app is available from the App Store and presenting an optional pre-configured UI component to users gently nudging them to update.

Where the choice is between developing new features to deliver value to user or developing functionality to migrate users to the latest app release, the former is likely to win out, making a migration solution with minimal development overhead beneficial.Updates makes use of the i Tunes Search API to retrieve the version number of the latest version of your app available from the store.