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03-May-2020 19:26

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Then you plug it into your computer when you want to download the video. A magnetic camera you slap onto your bicycle’s handle bars on your ride home without a mount.

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And after a week of testing it, I think that’s what makes it, like the great Polaroid instant cameras that have preceded it, such a great camera to pass around a party.

For the better part of the 20th Century, peeling a snapshot out of your Polaroid instant camera was as social as photography got.

But 50 years after Land invented the instant camera, Polaroid was disrupted by digital cameras.

It’s certainly the one that has the broadest appeal. all while returning to the ideals that made Polaroid great to begin with: simplicity, instant gratification, socialization, and fun.“I’m old enough that all the original equity that Polaroid created with products like the Land Camera and One Step still lives in my heart,” says Robert Brunner, the founder of Ammunition and an Apple design alumnus. So how does a dedicated camera even fit into people’s lives anymore?

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As designed by San Francisco-based design studio Ammunition, the Polaroid Cube is an action cam that wants to be for kids and parents what Go Pro is for people who fling themselves off of skyscrapers . “With the Cube, we wanted to make a camera that was spiritually in line with the best products Polaroid ever made.” But still different: a physical camera that is as easy-to-use as an app. It fits in by doing things your smartphone can’t easily do.Handing off the photo for a keepsake or hanging it on a wall beats out Instagram any day.