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jferetoo Tfo* first 'stop "thitt dpeoed ■ peeks through a gaping hole m a wall erocer’s The grocer wbosuo- Wgh above the street. Hal Reynolds; the United States director, stood by the! World Bank sources disclosed that the approval by a bigger margin today than : m jth^caseof a. Hans Jansen, the West German director,’ said in a telephone mterview that in - re¬ cent months “all lof the principal econom¬ ic indicators have improved.” He said he, like Mr. TOURD€fl U 'the right place tor the right time' 10pm in Pans, what’s the time in New York? The Oval dock combines Cartier's classic white enamelled /ace, roman numerals, sword-shaped hands and sapphire winding stems with five dramatic new _ lacquer colors. 'Supported by two "C" rests and fitted with an 8-day Cartier movement and automatic alarm. “I carried some ; - y ’ A float that’s a work of art. A brilliant Faint Brush print on periwinkle or brown polyester jersey ground.

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a Wn Carter /s Convicted CARTER NAMES THREE With Artis in 3 Murders TO POSTS IN CABINET ONE A BLACK WOMAN \ Passaic County Jury Deliberates fqr Nine Hours —Verdict Returned in ’67 Trial Is Affirmed • . Bedding is aired ^ g TSmaydu^^ie war 5 1 £££££ ***« small caxasa cdb in othef. ' are now b a Pdmg quickly what they.: fear they w Ql not be allowed to build * in a fern months. ex i sting apart-- marts because almost no one m Ldba-. ration saying that all structures bufit •] without- permfes Son win be tom down. M-Y- 10 036 »ZLZl W-UM ru Mbtwd duly, aw ym - giw - pq Bm* paid d sttw Ycrk N. long-standing- Treasury position that World Bank loans should be judged on economic merits alone and not on “politi¬ cal” grounds. Reynolds disclosed in a telephone interview that in Us brief remarks today, he had noted tire “concern” about the human rights situation in Chile in Con¬ gress, in the A dminis tration and On the part of .himself personally. Rey¬ nolds said-the United States had conclud¬ ed that the Joans were "sound,” would further-the basic economic development purposes of the World Bank and would, help thousandsof Chileans. loan' to Chile approved 1 ’ la^'Fetrjiai^ Scandina¬ vian directs voted agamst in both cases, but' hi February there were seven absten¬ tions compared with five today. Reynolds, expressed his concern about the hpman rights'atualipn in Chile but that West Germany believed that the loans should be judged on their economic merits. Chile have improved to such an extent that the International Commit¬ tee of the Red Cross plans to terminate its activities on behalf of political prison¬ ers there within the next six months, toe head Df the organization said today. From TOURNEAU'S • Dual-Time Which Collection It’s more than a conversation piece. ft’s an impeccablyprecise dual-face, wristwateh forfhe world traveler who doesn't compromise . Write or visit us and pick up our gift suggestion booklet.

publicly to bis —Cost Of Food Declined ■ A A-OAKTA. -■-— that he was “concerned” and would “do After introducing Mr. Har- By EILEEN SHANAHAN " something" before going to Washington ris and Mr. I can flash day or night] Look out party, here I come. “If the world press is not convinced, then there is nothing else we can do.” Several television crews from overseas and a party of local reporters visited the eastern border town of Melsetter yester¬ day to see the bodies and to interview some of the less seriously wounded survi¬ vors. Arthur Lewis, a white priest who went to the 9cene.

.-• * •" * • ‘AH the News it*5 Fit to Print* No,'43,432 1 VT _ p - P*r»r- _ l^rr . C 1178-Xtel&ir Vert timit* tyw i g ntj r NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22,' 1976 25 coats tenon SD-nffle zone from raw Yuris at? friends and reporters as the clerk polled The mrv in Passaic Countv Court [email protected] __*_ MRS. 1980 Olympic Games fr.*® Uni ted States, rporation, an intematioctal ny with headquarters in awarded the rights pend- Sadat-Assad Decision Is Believed Part of Peace Talk Strategy Sucelul to The Ntw Yw* Tints . He met wito President Augusts Pinochet of Chile, President Jorge Videla qf Argentina and Uruguayan leaders. 21 (Reu¬ ters)—White Rhodesians reacted with shock and anger today to the reports that 27 black workers had been machine- gunned and bayoneted to death by black guerrillas on a tea estate near toe Mozambique border.

J*F"i affirming the verdict in The coortreom wee Ailed with relatives, thete first tam- . Harold Brown to Be Defense Chief r Ray Marshall Labor Secretary— Final Appointments Tomorrow n X * ~ ' .«» ; 4 * • • ' A '*■ *V|, OV VINEYARD. CAIRO AND DAMASCUS Splymj Hc Deal PLAN POLITICAL UNION ..^GERALD FRASER - mm ere ia] American televi- bave been finessed out of V to get exclusive rights to ■j. The loan last February was for copper development, while toe. Hay said, outlining to e impressions gained in a 12 - day tour of Latin America earlier this month.

It would be improper to be Confidence Called Absolute Consumer Price Index was the same as in the clubs then, and'I would have to , , . work something out” He a Iso vigorousty defended^his hoth- For the 12 months that ended in Mr. won't be in nilmgs and his attitude about the future eight-tenths o Fl. Washington forever.” °f the Justice Department and thejudi- The purchasing-power of the typical The Attorney General-designate also o Exy itself will withstand any stxutiny^ r^tfnnert on Page' 52, Column 5 .27 Moviaf 34-40 UAlt moau a nmuur .26 Music .......34-40 Foreign Minister Fahmy said .2Y Sa Si? The men were gunned down Sunday in front of their wives and children by black nationalist guerrillas whose orders to plantation workers to quit their jobs had gone unheeded. Cosmetics, Street Floor compact protection The Knirps® umbrella you can take anywhere ~ in your bag.

Thomas said he did not exclude the possibility that toe guer¬ rillas had crossed back into Mozambique, their staging ground, two miles to tin. Reporters were asked not to name the* plantation or any of the witnesses so as not to invite further terror. man who, in a sense, stood for equality ities if not in real dollars. The relatively moderate rate of price fees—upwards, of ,000”—and might san* Je believed that ultima tely Mr. Events.8 said also that a complete muon such as Weather . Eleven men escaped death by crawling under the bodies of others. Of nylon, in black, navy, red, beige, wine; hunter green, royal. The November increase in the overall before the law. Be U increase m^rrt thatthe purchasing power try to work out- an arrangement that wou ^ d ^ seen a superlative choice, of the typical worker—known to econo- would let him “resign temporarily-or be- He said the “sum total of Judge Bell's- mists as “real spmidable earnings”—rose come inactive,” adding, 4 ! 27 Op-Ed ..29 Egypt and Syria would be-worked out ■g Sports^ 1 .*! M-S by joint committees in the various areas Its Theaters 34-40 0 f government and that these would re- S7BJ port to the two Presidents, Mr. S8 _ —--—- ’ 5iy and Index, Page 31 Conti n ued on Page 4 t ttlt Smelts Bogs' ? Many of them are hospitalized with serious injuries. 21 (UPI)— 1 Outside a shed on a tea plantation, toe bodies of 27 black men lay in mud in, a pouring rain. He said that 600,000 were West Bank residents going to and from Jordan and 250,000 were 1 residents of -Arab countries visiting friends and relatives. The celebrated H is an interlaced signature design •oven into sheets, comforters, bedskirts.

Another 50,000 were Ame ri ca n -and European tourists.

(AE stores close Friday at 6 p jn.) A Total Luxurious Retirement Residence WHERE: Scharft Bromcwood, a tourfiws retirement residence for active alert senior cffizens. WHAT: Sumptuous meals, maid service, 24-bour supervision and recorty and ottorluxuiy. For further information ca Q or wite BRONXWffi D (212) 881-9100 799 East Guntntl Road, Bronx, N. 10467 New York's finest Ita Jiu Food ‘Srtte Mft Csfe UMi^ SPECIAL CREPE & DESSERT MENUS Open for LUNCH & DINNER from Noon to 3 AJL mfag a full mm Credit Cards - 7 Days a Week Continuous Entertainment at the Piano Bar Appi OKdbyji YS&ft tart if Sochi IMm *n& £UL.*Y XUK15. cs9m was restored in xnid- rjjoint intervention of Syrian guerrillas belonging to Al ’sin • Palest! iters and Al Fatah guerrillas out joint patrols near *ajestinian suburb that in- 1 , the capital's largest camp, jfficers with loudspeakers ia in jeeps exhorting guerril¬ la to keep calm, fficials said, that today, was that elements of the guerril- f Syrian troops in the Arab .: acted in concert using a |ne -Hne installed-for such ml did not go into the camps, &L Al Fatah remains strong- ftthe entry of Syrians into fctjof Tense Situation .. S wa S seen as evidence that peeh-the Syrian Army units #d the Palestinians remained unsettled. The fighting was jotbreak of violence in the »the ceasefire two months ^ ted as a dash within down as the General p Kt into rival factions er when its leader, came oat in support of Syr- —“on in Lebanon and Syria’s ’ in the Middle East conflict : moment, Mr. For reservations, call Victor (oar Maitrc T)), GR-S-4320. Syria, Mr, Fahrav said it ended in three years because it had been formed hastily. Present at the meeting b e an d his wife were held by Sovietae- were Andrei D. a superlative gnou of genuine ieathc travel totes, shoulds slung and hand held styles wit!