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Each visit was unique and a chance to experience a different way of life. I'm sure most have a opinion or view about it, but when asked will call it "interdating" this question I gave my thoughts about it and they were not to the other party's liking.In fact, such ruach, Talmud Torah, and commitment to kavod and tikkun olam are values to which every sacred community should aspire.They studied various aspects of Torah and rabbinic literature in depth.Two that puts limits on finding the right person for you.I know people like to say "all these men/women out there why mess with my ex".While we spent Sunday through Friday morning in school, Saturday was generally our day off or “Open Shabbat,” and an opportunity to go off campus to visit friends and relatives around the country.Luckily for me, I had many friends in Israel, all of whom I met through Ultimate Peace (UP), an organization that brings together Israeli Jewish, Arab Israeli, and Palestinian youth through the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

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To put it simply: USY, Ramah and Conservative Judaism are good, and are necessary, for the future of the Jewish people.

Like Jesse, I too grew up in Metro Detroit and I too have the University of Michigan on my resume.

I became a Conservative Jew because Conservative Judaism provides a philosophy and practice that is intellectually rich and spiritually fulfilling.

Unfortunately, USY’s stance toward interfaith dating may now require further explanation.

I am a grandson of a former Conservative rabbi, a former student of a Conservative Jewish day school, a former president of the Detroit chapter of USY, and a former Conservative Jew.

At the end of my study abroad program, I would be staying on in Israel to participate in UP as a coach in training for a second summer.

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