Interparental conflict adolescent dating relationships

09-Feb-2020 20:10

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Implications for the current findings are discussed.This report provides a review of the evidence on discord between parents (interparental conflict) in the contexts of poverty and economic pressure, and the link to poor outcomes for children and adolescents across emotional, behavioural, social, academic and future relationship domains.In line with the cognitive-contextual framework proposed by Grych and Fincham (1990), evidence suggests that children exposed to interparental conflict (IPC) are at risk for experiencing conflict within their own intimate relationships.The mediating role of adolescent appraisal in the relation between IPC and adolescent dating behavior was examined in the current study.Specifically, it was hypothesized that self-blame and threat appraisals would mediate the relation between IPC and adolescent maladaptive dating behaviors.To examine the potential mediating role of appraisal, 169 high school students completed the Children's Perception of Interparental Conflict (Grych, Seid, & Fincham, 1992) and Child and Adolescent Dating Relationships Inventory (Wolfe, Scott, Reitzel-Jaffe, Wekerle, Grasley, & Straatman, 2004).Gender and exposure to interparental violence was included as moderators in the LTA.Three statuses of TDV victimization were identified: (1) non-victims; (2) emotional/verbal victims; and (3) physical/psychological victims.

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Through an initial assessment, eight of the 13 programmes were found to have had positive impacts on child outcomes, and showed positive impacts for children in poverty or economic pressure.

Results provide support for the importance of nonviolent parental conflict as an influence on adoles-cents ’ involvement in dating violence, over and above the influence of inter-parental violence.

This study investigates the development, change, and stability of teen dating violence (TDV) victimization over time.

There are interventions to address inter-parental conflict for families in or at risk of poverty which are effective, but the UK evidence needs to develop further The UK evidence of effective programmes to address inter-parental conflict to improve child outcomes is at a relatively early stage.

Interventions that have robust evidence are mainly those tested overseas.

This longitudinal study examined whether nonviolent aspects of interparental conflict, in addition to interparental violence, predicted dating violence per-petration and victimization among 150 Mexican American and European American male and female adolescents, ages 16 to 20.

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