Intimidating comment

30-Sep-2019 09:53

On numerous occasions, family members of military personnel were confronted by Middle-Eastern males in front of their homes.

The males have attempted to obtain personal information about the military member and family members through intimidation. To date, the men have not been identified and it is not known if all the incidents involve the same Middle-Eastern males”– See more at:

As is so often the case with Clinton cronies like Gottheimer, it’s clear that his actions don’t match his words.

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To tackle this problem, you need to understand why it is a problem in the first place.

You may be sensing that this person doesn’t need you as much as you need them, which puts this person in a perceived position of strength.

This feeling might arise because of your interpretation of the situation, or vice-versa.

Or this person could be a colleague – someone who uses clever words and exerts personal power or expert power that you believe you can’t compete with.

This person could be your boss – someone with genuine positional power over you.He also refuses to say how much money the victim was paid and what else was offered to her in return for ending the lawsuit. connections and Clinton rolodex to buy a seat in Congress.