Intimidating football chants

24-Nov-2019 18:54

"The way they were acting has been normalized and THAT is not okay," she wrote."This was a big joke to them."Phillips earlier told the Detroit Free Press that he approached the students in an attempt to defuse things between them and the Black Hebrew Israelites.Several students wore "Make America Great Again" hats."Things are rarely black and white, and the idea that these kids need to have death threats against them is wrong," Schult said.

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"To blast them in the national media and put a (teenager's) picture on the front page of a newspaper? It's really sad."Nick, in his statement, said he harbored no ill will toward Phillips."I am mortified that so many people have come to believe something that did not happen – that students from my school were chanting or acting in a racist fashion toward African Americans or Native Americans," he said.

"Instead, they responded to hate with hate."On Jan.

19, the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High issued a joint statement condemning the students for their actions toward "Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general."Neither the principal nor the athletic director of Covington Catholic returned messages seeking comment for this story.

Others declared it a misunderstanding, saying some students arrived at the game in patriotic colors to commemorate the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. The principal began the social media storm by commending his team, which played hard in a 42-21 defeat.

“It would have been easy to blame the racist welcome the ‘Saints’ received as they walked into the stadium and read the posters referencing — Trump, ‘We love White,’ ‘Build the Wall’ and various other politically and racially-charged statements,” he posted after the game.

The fallout over allegations of racism at a recent Orange County high school football game erupted on social media over the weekend, reflecting the broader tension gripping the country in the Trump era.