Is billy fuccillo dating caroline ashley morgan dating

08-Aug-2020 17:44

Just the term huge is incredibly well known throughout the market and beyond.

Love him or hate him, you know him and when you hear someone say hhhhuuuggggggeee, he comes mind.

The owner of the dealership Billy Fuccillo and the actress Caroline Renfro became household names, especially in Southwest Florida thanks to the fact that they’ve been promoting Kia dealership for eight years.

Therefore, it’s no wonder why fans have been asking about Renfro ever since she stopped appearing in new commercials.

Their father was a professor of Economics at the University of North Carolina, while their mother worked as a registered dietitian.

Regarding her education, Caroline first attended Northwest High but matriculated from West Charlotte High in 2000, after which she enrolled at Florida State University, where she studied for a year, but decided to drop out after a period of soul searching, deciding that acting was the right career choice for her, She subsequently studied acting under Jordan Beswick, and attended Scene Study classes under Jennifer Gelfer at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Over the years Renfro has managed to build quite an impressive resume that includes diverse jobs.

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She added the title of director to her resume when she directed several production for Hopewell High School, Appalachian Creative Theatre and Piedmont Middle School.When asked about Caroline’s absence, Fuccillo first stated that she was on a vacation, however, he later acknowledged that Renfro resigned without stating the exact reasons, and that he was looking for a new promotional sidekick.As of recently, Renfro has been more focused on her traveling blog called To & Fro Show.when you have the money to do that, it doesn't matter the quality of the commercial because whatever catch-phrase you come up with is going to get stuck in everybody's of like how some songs that you don't even like can get stuck in your head and leave you singing it all day Fucillo's first name is Billy. I complained to one of my friends a few months ago that I thought I wouldn't have to see his commercials in Tampa.

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I believe he got his start up in upstate New York, and has opened up several more of the largest Kia dealerships across the country from there. She told me that she thought she was getting away from his commercials when she moved from New York to Cape Coral (and then USF-Tampa a few years ago).She waited on him on several occasions and said he is very polite and seemed like a nice guy. I just know she's an actress and flys throughout the country with him doing commercials, he has a couple other Kia dealerships up north as well with the same type of marketing style. It was during their Vegas trip give a away, I was one of the 50 radio finalist and won like a ? Anyway, while we were waiting for the winner announcement they were shooting a commercial and it seemed very improved.

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