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31-May-2020 00:33

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“There is no better way to experience different romantic customs than to go on a date with a local,” she says.Meanwhile, matchmaker and relationship coach Isabel James, who splits her international lifestyle between Mexico, France, and New York City, says you should take your research to the road.Even in this age of ambivalence toward immigration, people continue to arrive on U. Say you’re an American woman, and you find yourself falling in love with a man from another country. Darby Morris worked in India and China as a cultural anthropologist and an English teacher.While living abroad, she developed a unique perspective on the subject of foreign guys and American women.And, more importantly, what is it really like to have a relationship with someone from another country?As referenced in the piece above, one of the most common reasons you’ll hear for why foreign men are so attractive is that they’ve got those “hot” accents.

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For instance, there’s this piece from So what is it, exactly, that make guys from abroad so irresistible to American women?

Ultimately, though, the relationship didn’t last, and the two divorced.

According to Morris, the couple’s eventual split, “definitely had to do with cultural reasons.” It can be tough to bridge a significant cultural divide within a romantic relationship.

Put another way: Beauty is in the eye—or the ear, as the case may be—of the beholder.

Accents aside, dating experts say that American women traveling overseas should do a little research before chatting up a local.

However, she recommends reading up on your destination’s culture plenty before you approach a handsome stranger. “Check out different travel sites and blogs to get an idea of the culture prior to your trip.” Understanding the culture before pursuing a romantic partner does more than just protect you from an embarrassing faux pas.

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