Jailbird dating

02-Jun-2020 01:11

It’s definitely going to be something special.” Lauren and Joey split at the end of last year but in recent weeks Lauren confirmed they were still in touch and started wearing the diamond ring the con bought her. “[Joey] loves kids and he knows that’s part of the plan.

She had dreamed of moving in with Joey and starting a family with him. “I can see him changing nappies and getting up late at night.

“Oh,” he said smoothly, nonplussed, “I thought you were just asking in order to find me on Facebook.

So I told you my middle name because that’s what I go by on Facebook.” I’d never said anything to him about Facebook. I was pissed he’d misled me, but otherwise, we never fought.

I’d simply asked what his last name was a few days after meeting him. He was clearly a decent guy, with decent parents, who welcomed me with open arms.

Was the discrepancy really something to get upset about?

A source explained: “It’s a huge moment for Joey and for Lauren.

He steeled himself for the story that was about to unfold, and shared with me that he’d been arrested multiple times, spent time in jail, and was currently undergoing anger management courses as part of his probation for various offenses against an ex-girlfriend of his, including assault. ) My stomach dropped and I swallowed my nausea as I realized I’d never been given the real picture of who this man was. I’d never seen him consume more than 1 or 2 drinks at a time.