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Danny didn't become an astronaut, because he had to protect the town, and he didn't want to leave Sam for long.Instead, to spend more time with his best friend and girlfriend, he worked with Tucker, helping to make futuristic machines and new ghost-hunting weapons for Amity, just in case he dies during a battle, is injured, gets too old to fight, or when he gets old and dies.Will they really fall in love or is it just the spell?

Danny and Sam were the power couple of the world, the perfect couple without any flaws... Love made him blind from Sam's flaws, he didn't see how selfish she truly was, how jealous she could be, or how cruel she could be at times. He didn't like it one bit, he couldn't believe how the true Samantha Manson was."I'll never find love," Danny said sadly looking at the table, "Any girl who wants to be with me…..

After some research, she found that APU had better education facilities and teachers than other colleges, (other than Harvard or Yale, of course,) so she was actually at a better college than she had originally thought.