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The retirement pension is paid under the Quebec Pension Plan.

It is a part of the basic income that each individual receives as early as age 60 if that person contributes to the plan.

By the age of 65, the Old Age Security Pension is paid by the federal government and it is added to the retirement pension as it goes.

The retirement pension and the Old Age Security Pension may come from other sources of income such as supplemental pension plans, commonly calls pension funds, and registered retirement savings plans. Kessinger a sale representative from Regie says, The amount to which you will be entitled at age 60 or the date of the statement and at age 65 on the basis of the earnings recorded and the amount to which you will be entitled at age 60 or the date of the statement and at age 65 if you continue to contribute on earnings similar to those already recorded.

In order for a scheme to wind up the causes may be: An employer may decide to stop contributing to the scheme An employer may become insolvent and this may lead to the scheme being wound up.

The schemes trustees may decide to wind up the scheme.

In most case, the longer the employees payments have invested, the larger the pension that the employee will get toward the end of the employees retirement.

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There are two main types of occupational pension scheme and they are salary related schemes also known as define-benefit scheme and money purchase schemes as known as defined contribution scheme.

One of the key goals of the managed care program is to improve access to services for the Medi-Cal beneficiary.