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Gilmour decides that the only way to interest the record companies in Kate's talent is to make a short three-song demo to full professional standards. Kate goes into Air Studios in London's West End, with Gilmour as producer, Andrew Powell as arranger, Geoff Emerick as engineer.

The three songs recorded are Saxophone Song (also known at this stage as Berlin), The Man With the Child in His Eyes, and a song which fans refer to as Maybe.

During the first year of the contract Kate makes two further demo tapes (Very possibly these include the twenty-two recordings now making the rounds among fans).

She resists EMI's attempts to "commercialize" her songs.

She disappears behind them as if she is haunting them.

Bush began with some of her biggest hits — including “Hounds of Love”, “Running Up That Hill”, and “Joanni” — before transitioning into a full performance of “The Ninth Wave” from her 1985 LP, She created sea scenes through using bits of cloth, she was on video in a life jacket, there was one bit where a lounge was wheeled on stage, and you got to watch a conversation between her husband [Danny Mc Intosh] and son [Bertie] who are watching Liverpool v Chelsea on the TV.

Initially her parents plan to move there, but after a few months they return to England. By 1971 embryonic versions of songs such as The Man With the Child in His Eyes and Saxophone Song begin to emerge.

Kate follows her elder brother John and begins to develop her poetry.

She pursues her dancing and moves away from home and into a flat in a house owned by her father in Lewisham, Southeast London, with her brothers as neighbours.

In March 1977 Wuthering Heights is written at the full moon.This evening, Kate Bush took the stage at London’s Eventim Apollo for her first live concert in 35 years.