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Gurukkal also argues that there is documented evidence of young savarna women making their way into the temple till the 1980s.

such as the famous Jayamala incident, no woman between the age of 10 to 50 were able to go inside the sabarimala temple post the Supreme court verdict.

In 2006, six women, members of the Indian Young Lawyers' Association, petitioned the Supreme Court of India to lift the ban against women between the ages of 10 and 50 entering the Sabarimala temple. Chandrachud favoured permitting women to enter the temple, while Justice Indu Malhotra dissented.

They argued that the practice was a violation of their constitutional rights and questioned the validity of provisions in the Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authorisation of Entry) Rules act of 1965 which supported it. Indu Malhotra said that every individual should be allowed to practice their faith irrespective of whether the practice is rational or logical.

According to the "Memoir of the Survey of the Travancore and Cochin States", published in two volumes by the Madras government in the 19th century, women of menstruating age were denied entry into the Sabarimala temple even two centuries ago.

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1000 each was imposed on the actresses and the director of the movie.

Unfortunately for the woman, Sabarimala was visited by kanni-swamis every year, and she was not able to marry Ayyappan.