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11-May-2020 22:36

We are the oldest such group (founded in 2003) and the easiest way to meet Satanists, LHPers, etc. We hold open discussion meetings and informal social gatherings in Manhattan.

We welcome Satanists, Luciferians, "dark" Pagans, and "Left Hand Path" occultists of all law-abiding kinds, theistic or nontheistic.

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The NYC Satanists/LHP Discussion Group, also known as New York City Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Pagans, and "Left Hand Path" Occultists, is one of only a very few Satanist/LHP groups in the entire world that hold regular meetings open to the general public.

I'm terrified of what kind of profiles and conversations such an enterprise would yield, but also morbidly curious...

Perhaps surprisingly, I find most of my partners either entirely receptive to or profoundly disinterested in the subject, so it's rarely a problem.

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The book explains how to navigate the world as a male Satanist and seduce your chosen mate. (For some slightly more conventional—but just as essential—relationship advice, check out How to Pleasure a Woman, the : You have the same name as the blues legend who purportedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads. When Anton La Vey founded the church back in the ’60s, he wanted to point out the innate carnality of man. It evokes all of those titillating ideas of the rebel in the human spirit. It’s what most people are thinking anyway but won’t admit. The book says it doesn’t matter what you look like. Part of that is vanity, and part of it is not wanting to have a heart attack.

(In the past, such events have included music concerts by one of our members -- see our page To musicians, artists, writers, etc..)At some point we may begin (again) holding private meetings (as we did briefly in summer 2009 and winter/spring 2010) as well as open meetings.

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