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08-Jul-2020 19:27

It is the oldest LGBT bar in Washington, DC and the first lesbian bar in the entire US (!! Phase is a sponsor of Capital Pride, works with local LGBT clinics and has a fun annual music festival called Phase Fest. The only downside of going to Phase is that Capitol Hill is far away from all the other gay places so it’s difficult to club-hop (I recommend taking a cab to/from Phase if you’re planning on club-hopping anyhow).Also it’s small and can get very crowded, and can be intense if you’re not into indie music or alternative girl bands.But I go out a lot, luckily for you, and therefore I’ve been to all those gay boy bars!Pixie told me there were too many bars to list them all, and because she’s right, I’ve narrowed my list down to my top five bars and my top five lesbian events. Phase One and Phase One, Dupont The original Phase One (or, “the Phase”) is the one all-lesbian bar in DC.The Nellie’s crew sponsors various teams in the DC leagues (kickball, women’s rugby, crew, running, baseball, skiing, basketball, and so many others).If you’re a sporty girl that wants to get involved in LGBT sporty events in DC, Nellie’s is your first stop for all these things.I think the club “Babylon” in Queer as Folk might have been inspired by Town. ) If you’re lucky enough to snag the front window seats there’s great people watching. 9 has no dress code, no cover and happy hour every day, including Saturday and Sunday. A last word about these bars: I say they’re lesbian-friendly, but it’s worth pointing out that my experiences can’t speak for everyone’s.Town’s got yummy drinks with crushed ice and some good drag shows, too. I’m a bold person and relatively unbothered to be in a bar that’s mostly or only boys, but that’s not for everyone.

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In the last six months I have: Attempted to smuggle a Bernese mountain dog puppy into Cobalt in my coat (bouncer: “honey…no.”) Played in an LGBT flip cup league. Irish goodbye-d out of ladies’ night leaving behind my phone, credit card, wallet and keys and had them all returned to me the next morning with my tab paid off. competitive and poor) you’ll spend the entire hour yelling, “we have only ‘X’ number of minutes left to drink free vodka drinks! It’s a great place to go if you like to watch sports with other girls who like watching sports, and you can often watch Glee there as well, if you’re so inclined.It can be hard to rally the troops to go out in DC but when there’s a lesbian event, everybody goes and it’s so packed with girls you don’t know what to do with yourself.