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04-Dec-2019 20:56

Even Matt mentioned during the same interview that he would date again, but would never consider marriage.

Amy was proven wrong, as she’s been dating Chris Marek for nearly three years, and fans are quite glad she decided to give love another chance.

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Not only was she note sure exactly how to go about finding a potential man to go out with, but she also noted that she didn’t think anyone would want to date her.

People reports during a clip from back in 2015, Amy said, “I don’t think anyone would be really interested” when it came to going out.

In the past, he has shared that he “saw a lot of people who loved each other, but could not live with each other.” With this, he is referring to his siblings who have gotten divorced over the years. How do you think Matt and the Roloff family will react if this happens?

Because of this, he is likely more cautious about committing. Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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Amy seems overjoyed at the idea of getting remarried, too.

And while she may have been stubbornly against the idea of dating, the producers of the show allegedly really wanted her to get back into the dating world.

During a recent interview with Amy said, “After divorce, you know, production’s like, ‘Oh, you gotta date! '” But she noted she definitely needed time to “breathe” and be by herself to figure out how to continue life on her own.

since the very beginning — and while Matt and Amy Roloff aren’t together anymore, they’re still figuring out how to make life work best for them post-divorce.

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Both Matt and Amy have found love after their separation, but it certainly wasn’t easy.

Chris and I took a road trip to be with his family in ID for Thanksgiving. Again I’m truly thankful for so much in my life in all its ups and downs. I know this day and holidays can be hard and difficult for some and it’s not easy. And look around you, you are worth being thankful for by you. Can’t wait – Christmas is right around the corner ❤️❤️.