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Lloyd Tevis betook himself to New York for the " express " business of Wells, far (as it) go's. General Barnes has been in a melange of aristocracy, from dukes to quasi baronets. Tiburcio Par- rott is paying attention to calves, having a magnificent pair to start with. Raphael Weil is trying how to spend his coin, while Joe Hoge is translating the French proverb: "Dans la, nmt tous les chats sont gris." Hall Mc Allister is studying rural felicity. Modest talent and moderate appreciation of one's own worth are traits iu the characters of professional men which must endear them to the public. " Although we deplore," it say B, " the manner in which Prance has advanced in this Tunisian affair, we should deeply regret to see the adventure result in a rupture, or even in a serious coolness, between France and Italy. ^— From appearances there will be five or six traveling Hazel Kirke companies East this Eum- mer.-^— Raymond has booked forty weeks of his time this coming sea- son. Sellers" yet.— —Wallack's Theater will be opened by a new comedy from the pen of the author of Hazel Kirke. Wyndam will play in New York with his London company nexc season.— —Maud Harrison will not leave the Union Square, but will con- tinue with it tor another season.^— E. Griffin, for several seasons, which he has invested in property in his own name.

Ex-Supreme Judge Wallace, from holding the rod in terror over the heads of "proponent and defendant," has been holding the rod over fish with a flattering result. Jim Fair has been floating, not stocks, but himself in the surf at Santa Cruz, while Flood has confined his pleasures to the palatial home he has newly built at Menlo Park. Charlie Howard has employed his vacation in visiting different hydropathic establishments, as following^ the homeo- pathic doctrine that "like cures like," he is anxious to administer^ water cure to the Supervisors afflicted with water on the brain. Booker is immersed in " biz," and we— well, we are in San Francisco. Opinion here i B so unanimous on the Tunisian question and the result b of the annexation, that if I give one extract from the Timei, it may be taken a B the general expression of tbe country's feelings. -^Haverly's Colored Minstrels visit London shortly. They com- prise sixty men and fifteen women.— Kate Claxton is expressing her dissatisfaction East over her San Erancisco engagement.— Ben Wolff is at work on a musical comedy for Willie Edouin. ^— Booth has just returned from England, and has brought over an English physician with his sick wife.— Mary Anderson's earnings have been going to her father- in-law, Dr.

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Energetic capitalists can be shown how to make a good round sum cl money. No one will deny but that with their limited ex- perience Santa Cruzans have done well. Garfield looks exceedingly like a cheap advertisement.— The Trouba- dours are spending §5,000 on new costumes for this coming season.

A most laudable ex- ception may be made in the case of the principal hotel in Santa Cruz, but the greed of the average inhabitant who has a bed to let, or supplies or horses to furnish, will out-Herod the appetite of a little bittern or the greed of a Kearny-street pawn-broker. The doings of some of our prominent men during the Summer vaca- tion are worthy of note. Hoffman^ has been drowning his eloquence in "the wild sea's foam," and Charlie Crocker bathed not only in the briny deep, but in waves of bliss from ladies' smiles. Sooner or later, despite the suave cour- tesy of the diplomatists towards each other, the indignation felt among the people would have found a vent. At the close of the performance the audience sang " Auld Lang Syne." The new theater will be opened this winter. Barton, two enterprising geniuses, intend astonishinc the rural inhabitants of Marin County with an amateur minstrel show shortly.