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20-Feb-2020 01:20

Something Mum instilled in me when I first started dating was the importance of being independent - in particular, how to avoid an imbalance of power on the first date.A big part of this, she explained, was splitting the bill 50/50 - something that can feel counter-intuitive when you struggle with your sense of worth and are trying to woo some dreamboat.So it's perhaps no surprise that my approach to love, dating and sex has, from a young age, been a little different to most.And while I'm sure there's a book's worth of material I could share, here are a few of the key pointers I've picked up over the years.Even though it was one of the most challenging times of my life, my parents getting a divorce was ultimately in the best interest of their health and happiness.In hindsight, I think it was brave of Mum to take those first steps away from her family, staying with a close friend until she worked out her next move.I can't remember when, exactly, but a packet of condoms appeared quietly on my bedside table years before I lost my virginity.There was no big, awkward 'birds and the bees' chat.

Basically, she's under no illusion that we're predestined to find : "How else do you get to the two and the three?" As I learned from Mum, the whole idea that each person has been designated the one perfect soulmate is entirely unhelpful in the quest to form meaningful and nourishing human relationships.