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The legal requirements for the insanity defense have varied over the centuries and societies in which it has existed.Here in the United States, public outrage in response to successful insanity defenses in high profile cases has often led to changes that limit the availability of the defense and its likelihood of success.To that end, voluntary intoxication is excluded, as are conditions that have antisocial behaviors as their primary characteristic, e.g.kleptomania, pyromania, and pedophilia and appear to have no physiological basis.It is associated with criminal behavior of all sorts, including crimes of extreme violence in some cases.As such, it has been excluded from consideration as the basis for an insanity defense.

When it has been successful, the apparent key to the success of these defenses lies in the concrete and observable nature of the abnormality: juries can see the tumor on a brain scan, and may be presented with evidence that the criminal behavior did not occur before the injury or that it stops after treatment.

An argument that an act of violence was the result of a traumatic brain injury causing irritability and poor impulse control is more likely to be convincing than the assertion that the violence arose from personality disturbance.