Low self esteem while dating a much younger man

18-Apr-2020 16:25

I will admit you see the older and younger more often in a D’s relationship more so than a vanilla relationship. Most older men have already been through the pasture.

I find that statement to be totally false, and I shall give a few reasons.

Even some electrical play, spanking hard impact play.

The younger submissive is going to step over to the older 90% of the time. I bring stability, I bring consistency, I bring the truth. I bring zero drama even with my Ex there is no drama.

If you are offended by nudity, explicit sexual material, or images of BDSM then this is not the blog for you. I just received a reply that a younger female would not be interested in a middle aged man, unless she had problems, or a Low Self Esteem.

Although the prospects of and older man and younger woman in a vanilla relationship is not impossible. Older men tend to be more settled in life, not as quick to fly off the handle. Most important the younger female feels more secure. When I was much younger I made it a point to hang out with older Doms in the lifestyle.

Feeling profoundly pessimistic, he/she will not try to accomplish anything worthwhile.

I do not know for certain that she is a woman, except that she describes herself as “attractive (not stunning, but decent,)” and “stunning” is a word not usually used in connection with men.