Mandating gardasil

17-Dec-2019 07:59

"She's dead wrong about what that vaccine does." Offit said the vaccine is safe and effective.If it was given to 100 percent of young girls today, then 20 to 25 years from now, there would be an 80 percent reduction in cervical cancer incidence, he said. William Schaffner, chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine: "The HPV vaccine is a wonderful advance in the prevention of cancer — for girls and women certainly, but also for boys and men. Whether all girls should be mandated to receive the vaccine is best left to the public in each state where the issue can be discussed and debated.Follow My Health News Daily staff writer Rachael Rettner on Twitter @Rachael Rettner. Last week I reported on the controversy of the Gardasil Vaccine produced by Merck (it is important to note that Glaxo Smith Kline also makes an HPV vaccine called Cervarix).My prediction is that, slowly, state by state, such mandates will be enacted because the vaccine is safe — and who does not wish to prevent as much cancer as they can?"Alta Charo, professor of law and bioethics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison: "Given that the moral objections to requiring HPV vaccination are largely emotional, this source of resistance to mandates is difficult to justify.

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S., including teens, become infected with HPV and 4,000 women die from cervical cancer every year.The issue of whether to mandate the HPV vaccine has spurred debate for years.