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They can’t solve the dispute for you though, so do remember if you can reach an agreement with your neighbour it can be a lot less stressful and certainly a lot less costly.If you want to get anywhere on CB, you have to be prepared to talk trucker talk, and that can mean learning a lot of rules of conduct.

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We can’t tell you which boundary feature you are responsible for either, though some registers may refer to this.

They can be the cause of heated debate and trigger arguments between neighbours, sometimes over just a few inches of ground.

In my experience, the boundary can often become the weapon of choice when neighbours have fallen out over something such as noise, pets, parties, or BBQs when the washing is out.

If you want to check if we have any boundary information, you can get a copy of the title register, title plan, and any ‘filed’ deeds we have for your own property and your neighbour's property.

A deed plan may refer to measurements but these have to be interpreted, as the land may not be level and you don’t know where they were measured from or how.A driver often selects his own handle, one that he feels reflects his personality, or describes his way of driving., was an interesting man.

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