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Mel frequently rubs on Joe's various lifestyle choices, including but not limited to his taste in women, his obsession with bodybuilding and, of course, his hair (or lack thereof).

She seems to see him as being a bit of a self-congratulating egomaniac and delights in cutting him down to size with a snappy remark when the opportunity presents itself.

She is known to sometimes skirt around the truth, or even sculpt it, and dislikes being put in the position of the 'bad guy.' These qualities often lay the basis for much of the drama that springs up around the house.

Joe Longo is Mel's 'domestic manager' (see: Nanny) and the two of them share a playful love-hate relationship.

Councilwoman Melanie Alison "Mel" Longo (née Burke) is one of the main characters in Melissa & Joey.

A local politician and fierce individual, she is determined to keep her future bright, regardless of her past actions.

She also acknowledges his good influence on the kids and his ability to efficiently run the household, though she has never admitted this to him in person.In 2015, Mel learns that she is pregnant with twins while simultaneously announcing her candidacy for Congress.Mel is a former wild-child turned city council woman.She is a natural flirt and has a witty sense of humor.

She can, however, be overly critical, and picky, especially when it comes to men.Still struggling to abandon her past party-girl ways while trying to make a name for herself in local politics, Mel has even more trouble abandoning 'Cool Aunt Mel' in favor of her new parental obligations.