Monogamous dating relationship

08-Oct-2020 02:04

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That we could experience attraction to another without a complete surrender of our rights to a loving and respectful relationship or a wish to abandon our lives to race off with the other person?

These questions are more poignant in light of research indicating that intimate relationships are becoming less rewarding over time even as our expectations of what they should deliver steadily increase.

Individuals in supposedly monogamous relationships are also less likely to practice safe sex when they cheat (putting their primary partner’s health at risk) than those in consensually non-monogamous relationships.

And questions arise about whether you are really practicing “monogamy” if you’re exclusive but in relationship after relationship after relationship — that is, for those who change primary partners after just a few years.

To discuss dealbreakers in one’s relationship, it is essential for a couple to define what constitutes a betrayal, violation of trust, or act of dishonesty.

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Can we admit that our partners might not meet all of our needs at all times?

But unless you and your partner live in isolation in a cottage in the woods, there are no guarantees that an attractive “other” will not emerge to lure you away and challenge the sanctity of your relationship.“Oh no,” you think. Those who report having had an extramarital relationship say it was with a close friend, co-worker, or long-term acquaintance; these tend not to be random strangers.

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