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Avoid body contouring, or bodycon, style dresses or skirts for the most part.You will create no shape, and only accentuate your natural shape.All you will do is mess up your feet and be miserable. I have tried on and ordered many a boot where apparently my calf can’t be taymed and will not fit. But in order to accommodate your toes and still point- the shoes become much longer. And it’s really tough to find a pair that are comfortable. But it’s just a simple truth that dressing for an age that doesn’t suit you is a sure way to stand out. That means if you are fifty, body contouring minis and leggings that say “Juicy” are not your best bet.That’s pretty important for those who are just getting used to women’s shoes. There are plenty of ways to dress fashionably and keep a youthful look without going to cliches. Dressing like you are an 18-year-old “scene kid” will not boost your confidence. Wearing leopard print spandex and leg warmers is not the norm, and hasn’t for a long time.First you need to know the types of bodies we are dealing with. It means your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width and your waist is smaller and more defined. Apple bodies have a larger waist and an average chest, usually with a wider back, flatter butt, and smaller arms and legs. Fit and flare, or A-Line dresses and skirts are wonderful for creating a wider shape for the hips and drawing the eye.There is the hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle, and column. Again, you’ll want to divert attention from the middle of your body towards the legs, bust, and arms. This is another really common shape to see on transgender women, and a frustrating one for many. As you can imagine, you will want to draw the eye away from the bust and shoulders. This is a slender shape with narrow shoulders, chest, and hips. But that can be fixed by defining some shape in the body. The contrast of fits can really minimize the chest and shoulders for those apple and inverted triangle types.

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I’m here to help you succeed even if you have failed before. There are many more admirers than t-girls, so you need to take just a few steps to make sure you stand above the other transgender admirers.And, what most people won’t tell you- you will easily be able to see if you are wearing any kind of shapewear. They can help hide larger shoes for those girls that have slightly bigger feet. A v-neck draws the eyes down towards the chest and mid-section away from the shoulders.

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