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If you’re a fan of light, healthy lunches this could be the perfect app for you (unless you and your date end up having a heated argument about whether or not you should put balsamic vinegar on salads).Equestrian Cupid is the biggest dating site for horse and country lovers.But singles don’t need to despair -- there are lots of other weird and wonderful dating websites that they can join.From dating websites that pair gluten-free people to a dating website that is dedicated to ugly people, here are 15 of the strangest niche dating websites.Purrsonals is a dating website where cat lovers can meet and discuss cats while looking for love.

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The Facebook page for Salad Match says “Meet at Just Salad for lunch or dinner, schmooze over a frozen yogurt, and get lost in each other’s eyes while enjoying a freshly chopped salad.” The app has been a surprisingly big hit, so clearly there are lots of people out there who prioritize salad when it comes to love!He fell in love with cats after his wife bought one, and so he decided to start a dating website for people who want to settle down with a partner and a cat.Since then the website has grown in popularity, and it was even featured on the Some people love the sea.Thankfully you don’t have to own a boat or be a sea captain to join, but you do need to love the ocean!

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According to the website, “Dating can be a stormy sea..that's why we're here for you.There is a section dedicated to the website’s success stories, so lots of happy couples have met through Equestrian Cupid.