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10-Apr-2020 16:56

Thank you @Lo Conservative for letting me celebrate my great-grandfather during the month of his 100th birthday!

I’d love it if his Florida congressional representatives gave it a read.

Inspired by the childhood of reality star Kyle Richards.

Time to talk about one of the most important film events of the year — the Cannes Film Festival — and which buzzy titles are up for grabs this year.

Showing off even more of her versatility and talent, Kat has teamed up with John Cena to produce an eight episode animated comedy, “Dallas and Robo.” Kat is the voice of Dallas who accompanies Robo on a trek to make a few bucks by jetting through the galaxy, meeting and fighting rival space truckers and cannibal bikers while living off of vending machine burritos and other things.

Just this past week it was announced that Kat continues to seek out new work and new opportunities, as she is set to co-star with “Billions” star Malin Ackerman in a movie titled “Friendsgiving.” Of course, the movie takes place on Thanksgiving (we can presume it will be on the upcoming Thanksgiving-Christmas movie schedule) in the home of Ackerman and Dennings who are a lesbian couple.

Fitzwilliam makes a very special request to the Wish Granters Foundation.

Elaine Stritch greets customers while selling her new perfume, Stritchy.

She picked up a lead role in a Hulu movie, “Dollface,” where the storyline is about how a woman who is dumped by her long term boyfriend decides to move on in a very different way.

Instead of looking for romance in all the wrong places, she chooses to go on a journey to find and revive many of her female friendships that were left behind.

Quisiera estar junto a ustedes ahora mismo pero los apoyo al cien desde lejos.

Los Boricuas nos estamos dando a escuchar y ya es hora que Ricky nos oiga también. #Ricky Renuncia 🇵🇷 so I secretly started binging Go T recently to avoid having anything spoiled for me, but as of last night, I’m officially ALL caught up and I can’t wait to suffer through sunday’s new episode with everyone!!!!

Not to worry, true to Kat’s acting form, this will be a comedy with the Thanksgiving dinner being one of the messier unconventional family affairs held.