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14-Nov-2019 16:49

Even still, remind them of the potential for predators and catfishers.

The game is fun but graphics okay but you don't get what you pay for the short you on tasks gems and coins the when you breed dragons you just keeep getting same old dragons over and over. Bad people don't bother other much cooler dragon games out therw where yoh don't have to harass your friends or spend a fortune tonkove forward in game. My 11 year old loved this game and, sadly, I found the chat feature too late.

Imagine spending on an in-game dragon for a phone game, multiple times, that you'll probably get tired of after a while.

is more than what the entire game should cost if you had paid a base price!

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There is some basic profanity filter, but it's easy to circumvent and there are no moderators.The chats are largely "can someone join my alliance," but apart from that, pretty often there's also "I'm a 14-year-old girl who is looking for a boyfriend," and there are indeed outright sexual comments.Also, as ridiculous as this sounds, there are a few dragons who are weirdly dressed like human women in scandalous outfits (most of the dragons don't look like actual dragons).One thing that really irritates me though is the way that combat works: no matter what the level of my dragons has been, I am pretty much consistently being paired against rivals FAR above my level (ex., my dragons would be level 13, C-grade, and common quality-- and I'd be *consistently* paired against players with dragons level 25, 26 etc, A -grade, epic quality-- no exaggeration).

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Then I'd level my dragons higher, and once I'd reach the higher level, then I'd be paired against players who again are absurdly higher than my new level-- so the case isn't that there just aren't players at my level available).Because in order to advance each step you need an increasing amount of currency which you can't realistically get within the time limit they give you, and it increases so much that it becomes blatantly clear they just want you to spend real money if you really want to complete it. In conclusion: this game had potential-- but it's just so deceptive that it almost feels insulting. I learned that there was a chat feature after I heard my children talking about what people were posting.

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