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10-Jun-2020 02:40

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No need for a car: BUZZ makes weekend rides to shopping, bars and dining a breeze. Artistry and creativity fuel galleries, clothing stores and restaurants downtown.

The midcentury modern theme of clean lines and primary colors reminiscent of the 1950s and 60s are woven throughout.

“It’s freedom,” said Conrad Miller, a Cathedral City realtor.

Miller and several Chill Bar regulars wax philosophical about what draws them to this spot.

It’s where you can find wearables no matter what your proclivity, nibbles and about a half dozen bars all tuned to the LGBT traveler.

But there’s another element to Arenas Road, and the valley, that many find attractive: comradery and safety for .

oasis gay dating-40

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Debi Nelson, Chill Bar’s assistant manager, said, “In the Gayborhood, we don’t judge.

Visitors will find a smorgasbord of food and fun waiting for them here, starting with Arenas Road in downtown Palm Springs.

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