Online dating effects communication

29-Mar-2020 21:22

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The process of transitioning from online communication to offline interaction has been examined under the label of modality switching (MS) (Ramirez & Zhang, 2007; Ramirez & Wang, 2008).The modality switching perspective suggests that online partners who meet offline might experience different outcomes depending upon the amount of time and online communication preceding the initial Ft F meeting.Research reveals that MS leads to reduced uncertainty and more positive outcomes within short-term online partnerships, yet often provokes uncertainty and more negative outcomes by violating the expectations of long-term online partners (Ramirez & Zhang, 2007; Ramirez & Wang, 2008).Little is known regarding what occurs once partners choose to meet each other in person.

Online dating sites foster initial communication between potential romantic partners.Results were consistent with the hypothesized curvilinear relationship between the amount of online communication and perceptions of relational messages (intimacy, composure, informality, social orientation), forecasts of the future of the relationship, and information seeking behavior when meeting their partner Ft F.

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