Online dating sites for gamers

13-Jun-2020 04:14

Join our community and you'll get to meet other singles from all over the world who have the same passion for games that you do!

is an online dating site active since 2009 and run by gamers – and one that is aimed at other gamers who are looking for love or romance.

The site claims a no-nonsense attitude to finding a romantic partner: someone to whom you don’t have to justify your gaming hobby.

Gamerdating claims over 5,000 members and is also available worldwide.

Speaking about the birth of the site, Tebo said: “Patrick and I, at various intervals, had used online dating sites ourselves.

The developers claim that things will be sorted out and more features will be added in the future.

Most of the features on Gamer Dating, when it comes to online dating at least, seem to be rather basic. Two premium membership subscriptions are available: Gold “Quest” and Silver “Quest”. New users get two days of free messaging in order to try it out, but afterwards free membership only allows you to browse the site.

” So, the founders created LFGdating, a modern site for “geeks and gamers”, that uses an algorithm focused on bringing together people who have similar interests.

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Unlike competitors such as Dragonfruit, the platform does not use avatars, but lets singles create profiles that “highlight their positive aspects” while also focusing on their affinity for gaming as a central theme.

Regarding the gamer demographic, and whether it is under-represented in the world of online dating, Tebo said: “Honestly, we feel that gamers are people who like to game. If we can infuse our passion for gaming and connecting people into a modern, clean site, then everyone wins. Do I want LFGdating to look like an 8-bit dating website? not ever.” Once matched, all users can reply to messages for free, however premium members are the only ones able to initiate conversation.