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12-Sep-2019 04:36

An example of what being a sapiosexual is like: while on a date with a certain lanky Texan, he surprised me by talking about genetics (something science-y). That’s just a fetish or preference for glasses and/or secretaries. Stop calling yourself a sapiosexual.(I happen to like lean guys in glasses. Yes, it might honestly mean that he’s an outdoorsy dude or spends a lot of time at the gym/playing sports and wants to be upfront about that.

I have zero interest in genetics, but it was titillating to hear him use big words and discuss complex concepts. This guy might be a triathlete, cross-fitter, or have some other athletic hobby that takes up a large chunk of his life.

It seems some women have the fascinating ability to make the exact same face with the exact same smile, the exact same up/down head tilt, the exact same partial turn of the head, and even the exact same skew, so much so that it appears they have photoshopped one head onto many different pictures. Or maybe he’s an ex-boyfriend/husband so I can feel really super inadequate while you say things to your friends, like ‘It’s a fact of life that new relationships have to deal with remnants of old relationships, but maybe save the potential emasculation for later on after I’ve had a chance to show you how much more amazing I am, regardless of his 2% body fat. All that is fine and fun, but I don’t want to feel as if I’ve got to burn myself out for fear of boring this person.mention that you’re not interested in hookups.

This may be scientifically significant, but having 8 pictures with an what I mean… oh, and you made sure to get all of the surrounding buildings in the picture. Entrepreneur, hiking, climbing, camping, white-water rafting, traveling to exotic locations, clubbing, gym, 3 kids, marathons, fitness, concerts, skydiving, adventures, GAHHHH!!!!! I like those things, just not like a firehose in my face. The only guys who don’t care about you not having much time are the guys who are either looking for hookups or those who are more than happy to have extra room to bail without drama and/or notice.

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So, unless you think I’m going to spend a date hovering above you like a miniature dirigible, it’s kind of annoying and disconcerting to have six of these… There’s no way in hell I can keep up with that and I don’t really feel like humiliating myself trying.

Maybe a separation has been in place for years and/or the relationship has been platonic for a long time.

Nonetheless, I always ask guys if they are truly divorced (as opposed to “currently separated”) and how long they have been divorced.

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