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I plan to extend it with different term groups (space, sports, etc...) so you can fine tune the results to your specific startup industry.

I'm also proud of the way I implemented[1] the Domainr API[2] to check for domain availability.

However, that name is properly terrible, and I think that it succeeded in spite of that name. I went through a couple of namegenerators and I found to be the best of the lot - specially it's realtime domain availability check (.com/.org/.net)Pair it with to check availability of social media handles.

If you are looking for random 4/5/6 letter domains that might be available (mostly sedo) then is at it - eg: could be less cool than calling a startup “”had its 15 minutes of fame, but I see that Google acquired their patents and domain names: meanwhile, something seemingly "uncuil" like Duck Duck Go is still around and is being included as an optional search engine in most modern browsers.

So I built Namebird - For it, I came up with a variety of probability based algorithims to generate names that are catchy and memorable. And, in making it, it has been able to help me find a large amount of domain names that would be good for startups. All you need to produce a 'good' name is a simple script, a list of adjectives and a list of critters.

A few sample runs from my proprietary name generator produces these Camel Cased (Kaml Kzed?

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I was talking to my parents about my latest side project, Anorak ( and they both laughed at the name.

Around late 2005-2006 it wasn't so bad, it was more 20-something guys in tech.

A significant enough portion of the articles on the front page were related to programming or tech-real topics (esp.

I'd guess it had very little to do with their eventual outcome.

Target wasn't actually a startup though - it was an offshoot of Dayton's department store (that name being a relic from the era when it was much more common to name one's business after oneself).

) marvels of ingenuity: Of course I did not work on this script for quite a while, and it shows.

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