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So if I say I have my period and they say they don't want to have sex, then I won't because I feel like that's just the right thing to do.Woman D: I think many guys are more delighted than anything else!If he does say no, it's OK to ask why and if there's any way he could consider it at some point, or if he'll never be open to it.For most guys, I think it's a maturity thing, and once they get over it, they won't even think twice the next time you mention it during foreplay. But also because it's so heavily debated, period sex feels a bit risqué, which can make it hotter. Woman B: Even though some people see it as something we're not "supposed" to do, I feel like it's something we're supposed to do, because it feels so natural to me.

I've since gotten better about not thinking about that, and keep my thoughts on my boyfriend and not the sheets or the situation.Besides my current boyfriend, though, the overall reaction from guys always seems to be that they're being surprised that I'm OK with it.I usually just tell them that it's really not a big deal or something to get worked up about because it happens to all women, and it means that my body is healthy and functioning properly. I'll tell them I have my period and leave the decision about whether we do or not up to the guy. Like, I'll take riskier and bolder moves in bed, and my orgasms are way more powerful.

I also tend to get wetter faster and have more passion.

Woman A: I would tell women that whatever the reason may be for their feeling hesitant, it's totally worth it to try at least once because what's the worst that can happen?