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01-Aug-2020 15:19

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Launched in 2009, webcam site Chatroulette takes a unique approach to socialization by randomly pairing users to chat with each other.

Not surprisingly, masturbation is a favorite activity of many of the users and recorded videos of both men and women masturbating to orgasm now exist to be streamed.

The data collected was then used to create a detailed overview of which countries are home to women with the largest breasts.

Below, we offer a table with the top 10 countries resulting from our study along with the percentage of participants who voted for those countries: The above figures show the USA as being runaway winners, receiving almost 20% more votes than the second most selected country, Russia.

Seeing the United States top the list isn’t a surprise as the average bra size in America went from 34 B in 1983 to 34 DD in 2013, and continues to increase.

Although many countries are experiencing a surge in average breast sizes, due to factors such as implants, the leap in average sizes in the United States is unmatched worldwide.

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