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26-Jul-2020 15:08

Best of all all the rooms are free, so get started now.Get your webcam and microphone ready because many like minded random strangers from all over the world are waiting to video chat with you now!(The positions tallied with the ones supplied by us to the astrologer.) Ascendent in Gemini with Sun and Jupiter. His mother's name is that of Brahma's consort (Bharati) and his father's name is Rama, one of the Avataras (incarnations) of Lord Vishnu.No matter which aspect is consulted, money, family, enlightenment, or any other, only a description of his spiritual life shows up here.The Nadi, visibly awed by the rare reading, started gazing at the seemingly ordinary man seated opposite him and slowly said, 'Never have I come across such a remarkable reading in all my life. Sri Agasthir Nadi Jothisha Nilayam is a branch of the main Agasthiar Nadi of Vaitheeswaran Koil near Chidambaram.Normally, not more than four verses are written in the leaves for anybody consulting the Nadi. The unique feature of this particular Nadi, unlike the other Nadis which require the natal chart as input, is that it bases the predictions on just the thumb impression of the individual concerned.Then he turned to the appropriate leaf referred to in the index and started reading the leaves in a sing-song fashion.He took two blank sheets of paper and began copying the Tamil verses from the leaves.

G.'s natal chart and gave a sketchy outline of his life events.

He conveys to others his understanding of the living Truth.5. His stature is destined to grow in his seventies when the awakened state expresses itself more poignantly than ever before. In his eighties, his efforts to reach his goal are fulfilled.6.

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