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03-Jun-2020 09:36

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If your planning to date portuguese girls be prepared to drink a LOT of coffees and hang out in a LOT of lounge bars before you can "get it on" with a girl. You can try and look like a whiny metrossexual aka a caricature of Cristiano Ronaldo, that seems to help with some girls, but if your blonde like me, then dude, your scounting for girls in the wroooong country.

Having said that, I still have to compare my personal experience since I have already lived in Northern Ireland and the differences couldn't be bigger.

If you read the other threads you will notice that we Portuguese say that Portuguese girls are a bitchy, with Advanced-Bitch-Shielding Technique.

Fuck that shit, I'm not even gonna bother to get shot down in flames by a 6-7 Portuguese girl, when I have much better chances at anything with a hotter foreign chick in Portugal I even got cockblocked by a female friend of mine, WHAT THE FUCK?

this guy lays it down exactly the same way I see it: "I think you got a good grasp of how portuguese women are like.

The thing is, when first approached don't think girls in Portugal will be impolite towards you or just plainly rude.

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So, whats the explanation for this disproportionate amount of sausage?Dating: Girls will never, and I stress NEVER EVER have sex on the first date and/or encounter at a disco.

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