Private chats without any credit cards

19-Jan-2020 13:57

It offers you the perfect opportunity to check out webcam girls without having to show your credit card.

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Typical users, when creating an account will get a userid in the ranges of 4000000 - 7000000 or an 18 digit number starting with 3569xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

There are similar phrases used, word for word, across those System Actor Bots.

By Analyzing the timestamp of messages from these same Bots, you can observe it sending the exact same message about a dozen times within 2-3 seconds to different users on the system. You can see many users on the system attempt to converse with these System Actor Bots, and send them "gifts" which you pay for with a monthly subscription.

There are also some Bots which have userids in the "normal" range, but are easily identified as bots, due to the similar nature of the "scam" and response patterns.

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After the first day, you will get someone contacting you, and sending you a picture.This must be done 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged.