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We’ve had non-conference approved literature at a few of my meetings over the years and members have been opposed but the meeting would state that it was non-conference approved. Then there’s the “except in matters affecting other groups or S. About the Al-Anon pamphlet-tradition 4 states each group should be autonomous. I do not think that eliminating helpful outside literature from our meetings causes unity. I think we should use it because it benefits our members, new comers, stragglers and long timers and helps create unity. I come from an AA background and when I was slipping in S. I think our unity comes from our common desire to recover from our diseases by together using whatever is needed with use of the Steps and Traditions. Regarding the ‘let it stay here’ phrase; I think it is used in so many fellowships that it is not copyrighted or outside literature, but just a common saying.

It is unfortunate that any meeting does not read the 12 Traditions at some point during their meeting. We introduced the book as an AA publication and explained that we were using it because S. If someone doesn’t have a computer, they can also be found on pages 122 and 123 of the Basic Text. However, on a more practical level, and if we are strictly talking about just the list of the twelve traditions, it can be easily downloaded from the English page of the SLAA Website, page in which you will find the seven core documents ( . meetings, and I know it is being used in other fellowships too, printed with their own logo. My experience is that use of outside literature that is 12 Step literature from other 12 Step fellowships is very helpful for recovery in SLAA.

I notice you have an anonymity comment coming up on our website; I want to know if it is okay to use the Al-Anon pamphlet at my meeting? This is a Tradition 4 issue because each group, being autonomous, can decide what format will be followed in its meeting. The Traditions can be downloaded from the FWS Website ( under the literature tab and follow the link under the 7 Core Documents to download a copy. Maybe, if the group doesn’t like that it be printed on an Al-Anon trifold, they could make an anonymous one.

It is unfortunate that many people have no idea what the 12 Traditions mean to the Program as a whole. We eventually decided that on one week each month we would use the AA book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions in order to study the Traditions and what they mean to us. As far as how to obtain a copy of the 12 Traditions, it isn’t necessary to go to the local AA Central Office. Again, according to Tradition 4 (each group is autonomous, etc.), I believe it would be up to group conscience to decide if they want to use the statement.

My sponsee wouldn’t hear of it and became sort of an AA sponsee. I substituted “the qualifier” wherever it said alcohol.

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It’s one of the things that I point to that led me to my S.

My experience is that ‘no non-conference approved’ creates chaos, floundering, and struggling rather than unity in SLAA.

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