Pros consolidating schools

20-Jun-2020 18:24

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The brief recommends that consolidation occur on a case-by-case basis, and that state-level consolidation proposals are unlikely to lead to substantive fiscal or educational improvement.Feasibility of School District Services Consolidation: Evaluation Report [PDF]Idaho Legislature, Office of Performance Evaluations. This report of the Idaho Legislature examined the feasibility of consolidating district services and found that consolidating three types of services—purchasing of supplies, transportation, and staff development—could yield potential savings.As the district gets larger, do you create larger boards to accommodate the increased number of students and schools?Board members might go from overseeing a districts with 4,000 students to 20,000.Here is a summary of the major findings from the literature: Here is some of the most recent and publicly available research.

Are voters in the new district boundaries responsible for bonds that have been previously passed by other voters?

These board members oversee everything from superintendent hiring to setting curriculum and overseeing the budget.

As two or more districts combine, what happens to their corresponding board members?

This consolidation would create one larger “unified” district that covers students from kindergarten through high school.

Depending on the districts, consolidation could result in saved money, through more efficient use of resources and increased buying power.

The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Reference Desk is a service provided by a collaborative of the REL program, funded by the U. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

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