Psychological research internet dating

05-Mar-2020 22:55

Aiming to arrive at a more concise topic, I selected online dating because of my interest and curiosity about this phenomenon.

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That is to say, they are freshly out of school, new to their careers and are frequenting bars and other social functions less than they once were.

This concept is ideal for facilitating online dating networks where users seek to explore many users with the same intimate-based goals for using the community.

Online dating communities are a growing industry, like social networking sites, and are similar in that they both provide interpersonal communication with others over the Internet.

Psychologist, Jeremy Dean, Ph D is the founder and author of Psy Blog.

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He holds a doctorate in psychology from University College London and two other advanced degrees in psychology.This is a hermeneutical phenomenological study wherein the central purpose is to interpret and describe the user’s experience of the Plenty of Fish online dating community.