Radiocarbon dating and the word of god

26-Jul-2020 07:44

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They have attempted to prove that one can scientifically demonstrate that some changes which are required by random Darwinist evolution simply could not have happened by any believable series of fully random events.In fact, they generally support the teaching of evolutionary theory in classrooms, but advocate the inclusion of evidence for supernatural intervention in origin of species as well.Putting aside for now concern over the label, let me describe our third view of evolution.and are willing to be called progressive creationists, accept that the earth is quite old (approximately 4.5 billion years, as claimed by scientists) and that the universe is also very old (about 13.5 billion years)., or may take the view of scientific concordism, that there is at least a general scientific truth in the chronology, if not the time span, in Genesis.Before entering into a tentative description of the four categories of thought on evolution represented by our forum, let me begin with the qualifier in the title.

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Last June we arranged a debate titled "Four Christian Views of Evolution." In this debate (in which I took one of the four positions), we considered publicly four alternative Christain views of Evolution.Several thousands of years is simply not enough time for random mutation, genetic drift and natural selection to produce new species from the originally created species.Bottom line, YEC believes in fixed species and completely rejects the theory of organic evolution commonly known as Darwinism or neo-Darwinism.I will begin with a very brief but general description of the four Christian views of evolution.

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I do not pretend to be unbiased and am sure my inclination will show up in the descriptions below, but it is my intention here to give a relatively unbiased description of the four Christian views of evolution and leave my opinion for the last section of this essay.

There is a kind of free will in history, in our personal lives and in the way nature works, but God does, at various times and for reasons of his own intervene in our personal lives-to answer prayers, for example.

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