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08-Oct-2019 09:16

He also has Rhinitis which occasionally causes his speech to sound like it is coming from his nose.

Hi Jiro, Last thursday, April 13, 2017 to be exact, i ask my friend to give me some drama series that i can watch, since i dont have any anime to watch.

at first you look so cute as i continue watching.... and just found out myself browsing the net and searching for you... before i like anime character like grey fullbuster, nomiya of my idiot bf, kei takeshima of S. That smile that gives me reason to dream, smile that inspires and a smile that makes me forget for all the problems that i have. I know that the chances of meeting you in person is just little But i still hope that you will read this short message that i wrote for you.

i ended up searching your official fb account instagram and even skype... well i do really love your stories in life and i admire you so much... A., kyohei sata of yamato nadeshiko, lelouch vi britannia and etc. Hoping that God will continue to shower you His blessings and guide you wherever you are and may you inspire those people including me that admires you. From Philippines :) Wang Dong Cheng I would like to tell you eventhough you already know, that God have blessed you with a great talent and a beautiful voice. Not that I am sure you know where it is, but I have Deep respect for you and wish you all the best of luck.

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He speaks fluent Mandarin and understand conversational English.Honestly, i love watching anime and reading a manga... Your story is an inspiration,you have work hard to get were you are!!