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Examples: IMPC* searches for all legends that begin with IMPC. *DOMITIAN* searches for all legends that contain DOMITIAN.IMPC*DOMI* searches for all legends that begin with IMPC, followed by any number of letters which contain DOMI.Remember that the title of Augustus (“AVG”) was only granted to the children of Constantine after his death. The eldest (Constantine) died trying to increase his share at the expense of his youngest brother.

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DNIOHANNESP[PF]AVG searches for DNIOHANNESPFAVG and DNIOHANNESPPAVG. One of the most satisfying parts of working with ACE is going to a school where the students are well into cleaning their coins and helping the kids identify them.Please note that the coins in this era identify Constantine as Augustus (“AVG”) and his sons as Caesars (“NOB C” or “NC”).This alone will help you ID coins of Constantine (the Great) vs. For the purpose of ID’ing the person on the coin don’t pay too much attention to the titles (“FL”, “IVL”, etc…).The skills I’ve picked up from cleaning a few thousand of these little bronze nuggets find their only useful outlet there, and my ego benefits greatly from having student after student come up with a coin they considered an unidentifiable slug and return to their friends with an attribution as to type or emperor. The constantly repeated question is “How do you do it?

” My less-than-helpful answer is always “pattern-matching”.

Locate the name and look for the all-important “N” which makes the difference between “CONSTANTINVS” and “CONSTANTIVS”.